Sweat, is it worth it?

I go to the gym at least 5 times per week and I have been doing this for several years. I typically invest roughly 60 minutes at the gym.  While I am at the gym, I am very serious about getting a good workout in.  I keep my headphones in and listen to my music throughout the duration of the workout.  I avoid small talk with others because I do not want to take time away from my workout.  I typically start my workout with an aerobic-style warmup to heat up my body and get the blood flowing.  I will not leave the gym until my shirt is drenched, which indicates my body did get a full workout.  So how does this relate to success?


Previously, I have struggled with the idea of never reaching my full potential.  It simply scares me to think I will not reach my goals in my lifetime.  It is during my time at the gym lifting weights, running on the treadmill, and rowing when I can really feel barriers holding me down from getting to the next level.  Similar barriers exist in other areas of my life, but it is at the gym where I really experience my body wanting to give up.  Previously, I may have allowed myself a break during a run or decreased the weight of the dumbbells I am lifting.  Now, I realize I need to push myself to the limits and beyond.  When I feel like I am going to fail, I make a conscious decision to push further.  So far this method has worked for me.  The only exception is if I begin to feel pain beyond the range of normal pain, I will give it a rest.  Hurting yourself will not be beneficial for anyone.

It gives me great pride to end a workout at gym soaked because it is clear evidence of my efforts put into achieving my goals.  The continuation and consistency of going to the gym to improve and sustain my health is also a reflection of my drive to better the quality of my life.  If you can maintain a healthy mind and body during your younger years, you will be more likely to continue these habits into your later years. This should be a direct correlation to lower risks of disease and health issues in your later years (50+ years).


I am in better shape today than I ever was in my entire life.  I can lift more, move faster and longer, and think harder and smarter.  I plan on continuing this trend throughout my life because I deserve it.  Fitness is a very important part in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  It is my opinion that diets (i.e., Atkins, South Beach, low carbohydrate) are only good for the short term.  You need to make lifestyle changes to sustain your health for the long term.  The changes must be habitual and meaningful.  If you are going to eat healthier, do so in a meaningful way for the rest of your life.  If you are going to workout at the gym, do so in a meaningful way for the rest of your life.  The gym is very complimentary to your efforts to achieve success in other areas.  As mentioned, having a better body will help you have a clearer mind to make better decisions.

Things to know:

  • Set yourself up for success by setting time aside for the gym several times each week (at least 3)
  • Watch youtube videos, read about working out, and use other guides to learn more about exercising
  • Stay engaged in working out by motivating yourself by setting realistic goals
  • Select a gym that works for you (local, price range, hours work for your schedule)

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out.  The best day to start is today.  The sweat is worth it!



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