Staying motivated

Without motivation, there is nothing driving you to reach your goals.  As mentioned in my blog Realize your goals setting defined goals is a crucial step in reaching success.  One of my primary goals is to pay off my mortgage by 2023.  This will mean I will have paid off my mortgage in under 8 years.  I will not let anything get in my way!  To stay motivated, I track my progress towards this goal monthly.  As time passes by and the mortgage decreases faster and faster, I become more and more inspired to reach this goal.

In my opinion, it is always difficult to start moving forward on something that does not momentum.  For example, in the beginning my mortgage was not decreasing quickly because a good amount of the money was going to interest and very little was going to principal.  As I began to build momentum and started seeing substantial decreases in my mortgage, I became more inspired to keep moving.  It motivated me to increase my payments because I wanted to see my results grow larger.  Reaching your goals is not just about staying motivated, but also taking the first steps to start the process of achieving your goals.  Waiting to start your progress towards your goals until tomorrow only delays your achievements another day.

Having a strategy is necessary to understand why you are doing what you are doing.  It gives you a reason to keep going and not stop.  It was not easy to decide to start my masters degree, but I knew it would be in my best interest to do so sooner rather than later.  Having a masters degree aligns with my overall strategy to achieve my short term and long term goals.  I sustained motivation throughout my coursework by keeping the end goal in mind.  During my studies sacrifices were made, but I knew achieving a graduates degree would be beneficial for me.  Investment to my schooling was more important to my strategy than a few dinners with friends and colleagues.


You will want to build out your strategy in advance and ask all the questions beforehand to understand why you are attempting to achieve the goals you would like to achieve.  Most likely, you want to advance yourself and your family financially.  This may also come with more respect and power to some degree in your community.  Try to realize why you want to achieve the goals you defined for yourself.  Try and figure out if you have the right people around you to help you accomplish these goals.  Staying motivated will require you to be surrounded by supporting friends, family, and colleagues.  Even utilize critics to motivate you in proving them wrong.  Staying motivated is very much about utilizing everything around you to keep you driving forward.

Key takeaways

  • Understand your defined goals
  • Make sure you have an appropriate strategy that makes sense
  • Surround yourself with the right people for support
  • Utilize critics as motivation to prove them wrong


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