Success now versus then

There I was standing in front of Knappogue Castle in Ireland.  I was on my honeymoon with my wife of course and we were cruising around in a Volvo S80.  As a young boy, when I thought about success I thought of living in a mansion or maybe even a castle.  As time goes by, I would now settle for no mortgage and enough money to retire at 50.  It’s actually funny how our views on things change as we age.  It could be due to increasing intelligence, settling for less, or maybe a mixture of both.  Either way, our perspectives on what success is and what is possible does change as each year passes by.



From time to time we are faced with disappointments.  These disappointments may be due to lack of progression in our career, family matters, or maybe something else.  Everyone has different personalities, so disappointments may be handled differently.  I am often sensitive and knowing this, I do my best to snap back quickly from a disappointing event.  I try to find the positive in the experience and use it as lessons learned for the next time.  This is sometimes easier said than done, especially when the disappointment really impacts you emotionally.  I have had quite a few disappointments in my life and do not expect them to stop anytime soon.  It is very important to manage negative events in your life as best as you can.

So, how does this topic of disappointments relate to the topic of success and changing perspectives as you age.  Both positive and negative events do play a role in your journey in life.  Overtime experiences can have a very big impact on your overall outlook in life.  If you have more good experiences than bad experiences, then you are probably ahead of most.  Remember as a kid when you thought you could do anything because you simply did not know better.  As time goes on, you learn what your strengths and weaknesses are.  I would love to play for the Detroit Red Wings, but know I am not good enough.  This is why I am traveling down a different career path.  I still think we should all have the “I can do anything” attitude, but we should also select realistic goals for ourselves.

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