Are sales really worth it?

Sales!!  We all love them, but do we really need the stuff that is on sale?  Sometimes an item goes on sale because it is new and the manufacturer wants you to try it in hopes of you becoming a repeat customer.  Sometimes an item goes on sale because the item is not selling and they want to get it off the shelf.  There are countless reasons an item goes on sale, but you should really be focused on whether you need the item to begin with.

Some people will purchase sale items in bulk to make sure they benefit fully from the deal.  They may think the sale won’t come back around again, so they want to take full advantage of it.  If you do not need the item and you are just buying it because it is on sale, you should really re-think your strategy.

Grocery shopping

As mentioned before I shop at Aldi for most of my groceries because they have some really good deals.  I do not go in there buying more than I need to because something is on sale.  This type of shopping leads you to purchasing more than you are budgeting for.  You are really not saving money when you buy items you do not need or did not originally plan on purchasing.  You are in actuality spending more.

Clothing shopping

Another type of shopping where people go crazy when they see items on sale.  Think about the amount of people that go out on Black Friday to purchase large TVs and appliances that they could probably live without.  How many TVs do you really need?  The excuse is early Christmas shopping, but I think some of these things are just getting out of hand.

Buy what you actually need

Try not to purchase items solely because they are on sale.  If you see an item that you really like and another item that is on sale, but you do not really like.  You are going to be more satisfied in the end buying the item you really want.  Saving a few pennies is not going to help you in the long run if the item is simply crap.  I also try purchasing stuff that will last long and is good quality.  A lot of times these good quality items do not go on sale.  It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons, but in my opinion sales often make simple decisions harder.

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