The habits that follow you!

During my junior year in college, an older friend who graduated and started his professional career once told me, “the habits you have in college will stick with you even after you are no longer in college”.  I took a step back to look at my habits- both good and bad.

I was going to the gym, working hard to succeed in my classes, and spending time building my business back home.  In my opinion, these were my good habits.  The not so good habits included excessive partying, eating crappy foods, and taking on too much.

Based on the insight provided to me from my friend, I knew I needed to do more of the good and less of the bad.  This increase of the good and decrease of the bad cannot just be a one time thing.  It needs to be a habitual change leading to a lifestyle change.  To achieve this lifestyle change, you need to be consistent in repeating the same behavior over and over again.  Remember, you want to increase good habits and decrease bad habits.

Good habits

Attending the gym regularly helps improve my physical fitness and allows me to live a healthier lifestyle.  Over 10 years after college, I am still going to the gym regularly to continually improve my physical health.  I am still working hard and building my business.

Bad habits

I listed partying under bad habits because it was excessive at times and possibly not healthy.  Opinions may vary from person to person on partying.  I do believe we can all agree that eating crappy foods is not favorable.  This can easily be reduced by eating fewer crappy foods and replacing those crappy foods with better-for-you foods.  I also listed taking on too much as a bad habit because it can lead to increased stress and unnecessary failures.

Strategy to increase good habits and reduce bad habits

It may be impossible to list all of your good and bad habits, so you should determine the top 5 of each.  These will be the areas you will want to focus on.  You will want to list these out and determine how you can reduce the bad habits and increase the good habits.  These should be slow gradual comfortable changes to improve your chance of success.  We must remember these are going to be life long changes.

Here are a few tips to set yourself up for success

  • Surround yourself with supportive people (i.e., good influences)
  • Eliminate triggers that may lead to bad habits (i.e., purchasing unhealthy foods)
  • Drop your bad habits as quickly as you can
  • Start your good habits as quickly as you can
  • Set goals for yourself (keeping a journal helps)

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