Working from home

Not all jobs are work from home type of jobs.  For example, if you are a maintenance mechanic, then you will most likely need to be on site to do your job.  If you are a project manager, you may have flexibility on where you can work from.  There are both advantages and disadvantages to working from home.

Starting with the advantages, you are saving yourself time and money when you do not have to drive.  The 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon could be an extra 30 minutes you are working.  You may also be able to save a few dollars on gas and tolls by working from home.  When you are working from home there is no one for you to chit chat with to consume extra time that way.  In my opinion, your productivity increase when you do work from home as long as you are discipline and motivated.

On the disadvantage side, you are not getting the same face time you would when you are in the office.  It is easier to build relationships face to face than on the phone or via email.  You may also miss out on some common knowledge being shared in the office.  In my field, a disadvantage is not being able to run into the lab to use equipment to run a quick test to confirm what a supplier is telling me.

I do believe working from home is beneficial, but should be mixed in with working in the office.  Working from home one day a week seems reasonable to me.  In my situation, I drive 30 miles each way.  With traffic this ends up costing me roughly 90 minutes per day of travel time.  I am spending $7.50 per day on gas because my Jeep gets 20 mpg and gas is roughly priced around $2.50 per gallon.  The toll each way is $0.75, so in total I am spending $9 each day I go into the office.  If I work from home once a day for the entire year, I am saving $468 and 78 hours.  In this example the money piece is significant, but more importantly I could be using 78 hours more effectively.  This is nearly two extra weeks of working where I can get more done and possibly set myself apart from the rest of the pack.

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