Defining personal success

If you look up the definition of success, you may find a definition like this – accomplishment of a purpose.  We also know when we talk about something personal, we are talking about one’s private life.  A lot of times when people think about success, they often think about being a millionaire, living in a mansion, having a supermodel wife, and maybe even vacationing all the time.  Even though these things sound fantastic, they are not always realistic.  When we think about personal success, we should think about goals pertaining to us as an individual.  Not all people associate success with being a millionaire or living in a mansion.  In my opinion, there is more to success than materialistic things.

When you set your personal goals, you should be thinking about the things truly important to you.  These can sprout family values, personal experiences, role models, or maybe somewhere else.  Think about the steps you will need to take to achieve each goal.  Prior to purchasing a home, I knew I needed to identify a home I wanted to purchase, apply for a mortgage, and be approved for a mortgage.  I thought about the process of purchasing a home early on to make sure I was prepared and had everything I needed to succeed.  This falls under my key strategies, gather information/data to better prepare yourself for the future.  You can read more about this in my blog titled, C.A. strategy exploration.

Personal success is defined by the individual and not everyone will have the same set of goals.  The process of setting goals and thinking about how the goals are going to be achieved may be similar.  Another example I can share involves my career path.  In high school, I was stocking shelves at a local grocery store making roughly $6 per hour.  I knew this was not the job for me for my entire life and I wanted to make much-more money.  In order to get a better job and start my professional career, I knew I needed to graduate college.  To better prepare for a professional career I knew I needed to perform well in high school, get accepted to a college, and finish college with decent grades.  This would be a long term goal (>5 years).

Try thinking about some of your goals (both long term and short term).  Work through the process and the steps required for you to be successful.  Keeping a journal as mentioned in my blog titled, Keeping a journal for success may be beneficial.  As mentioned a journal will help you keep yourself accountable for your goals.  It is important to create realistic goals, but do not be afraid to stretch them a little bit to challenge yourself.

Please share your personal success stories.  Both success and failure stories are welcomed.


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