C.A. progress thus far

I started blogging 02/11/18 on http://www.civilaccomplishment.com and have blogged about many topics.  Some of these topics include Mortgage RemovalWorking from home2018 Tax SeasonEating out versus eating in, and many others.  I am still working to fine tune the mission of civil accomplishment.com, but feel I am getting closer each day.  There are far too many with financial issues and far too few with financial stability.  How does this happen?  Why is it so difficult to become financially stable?  It appears there are more forces working against you than with you.

It can be super stressful to be low on funds and not know if you can keep your electric on.  It can also be frustrating when you know you are putting in many hours at your job and only scraping by.  As I discuss in Mortgage discouragement, people are likely to become discouraged and not end up successfully paying down their mortgages in a timely fashion.  Once a person becomes discouraged, it can be very difficult to get them motivated again to push forward and succeed.

Since it has only been a month since I first started http://www.civilaccomplishment.com, I do not expect an overwhelming number of visitors.  I will say, we are not doing too bad considering the limited advertising.  I ask you to share this blog out with your friends, so we can grow our discussions on the topic of financial stability.  This is important to me and should be important to you.  If we all grow together financially, our economy can do better and will.

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