Mindset of a champion

Imagine there are two tennis players analogous to one another in terms of talents, skills, and abilities.  How can one tennis player increase their chance of winning the match knowing their talents, skills, and abilities are comparable?  Looking past all other physical factors (i.e., weather, location, equipment), a tennis player with a superior mindset will have a better chance of overtaking the match and winning.  A negative attitude can be detrimental to a tennis player’s game and once it starts, it can be very difficult to reverse.  If you want to win, you need to have the mindset of a champion.  This mindset does not come to most overnight and does require time to build.

Confidence is a major ingredient needed to start developing the mindset of a champion.  If you are a tennis player, you need to win a few matches to start building your confidence.  In other words, positive experiences are a great starting point to begin building confidence.

Ownership is another ingredient for developing the mindset of a champion.  Acting like a victim when you do not get what you want is simply lack of ownership.  By taking ownership of your results, you are going to work harder to do better and achieve excellence.

Optimism is also key in developing the mindset of a champion.  This should not be confused with creating false hopes.  Do not stress and create a negative environment because automatically you are creating the conditions to fail.  Keep your head up and believe in yourself and your teammates.  This will further solidify a health mindset and help you reach success faster.

So going back to the question, if you have two individuals with similar talents, skills, and abilities, how does one set themselves apart from the other?  Confidence, ownership, and optimism are going to be key ingredients in developing the mindset you want.  As mentioned, these are not characteristics mastered overnight.  As badly as we may want to be confident, it does take time to build confidence.  The more positive experiences you have, the more confident you should be.  It is also easier to take ownership of successes than failures, but we need to take ownership of both.  Optimism is also a feature that may not come natural to some of us and we may need to keep reminding ourselves to be optimistic.

These are just a few things I think about when I think about the mindset of a champion.

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