Creating direction

A leader must create direction and own it.  A leader can have a large team or very small team.  In both cases, communication must be clear and concise.  Both leader and team need to be on the same page throughout the effort.  A leader must also be able to influence to be effective.  The other piece is having enough experience to make  create good direction.

From personal experience, I find it difficult to successfully create direction without good communication, sufficient experience, team alignment, and the ability to influence.  If you are lacking in any of these four areas, you may lack in creating good direction.  The key word here is good.  Poor direction can lead to failures, which push back your timeline and may add cost to your project.

Also keep in mind, even if you are not the leader of the group, you are still eligible to create direction.  It does not even have to be in a corporate setting.  You can create direction in your personal life when it comes to family life, personal finances, or maybe even planning a vacation.  An item I did not mention yet is gathering information/data to better prepare yourself for the future.  You will want to gather as much information as possible to fully understand the entire situation.  Your experience can help you gather this information faster because you will know exactly where to get the information.

The team alignment piece will require you to have team members that can confide in you.  If they do not trust you, then they will be less likely to follow your direction.  This does not need to be in a corporate setting as I mentioned before.  This can be in your personal life.  It is very important to have family and friends trust you too, especially when planning upcoming events that everyone will need to get involved with.  The communication piece will be crucial because if you poorly communicate the plan, people may be less likely to understand and agree to take direction from you.  Communication is also important when you are influencing others to agree to take direction from you.  These are all things we should be thinking about when creating direction.

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