The QALO Effect

QALO isn’t the only company that manufactures silicon wedding rings, but is definitely one of the most popular silicon wedding ring brands available today.  At their website QALO, you will find a large variety of silicon rings in different colors, designs, and styles ranging in price from $20 to $40.  If you visit their ABOUT US page, you will learn more about the inventors of QALO pronounced [KAY-LO], which stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, Outdoors.  Two friends newly married hated their metal wedding rings and wanted a replacement, which was safe and comfortable.  Since they could not find anything that met their needs, they created the QALO silicon wedding ring.

If you are an active person and have experienced the pains of lifting weights with a metal wedding ring, then you know a QALO makes sense.  There have been too many times when I was at the gym lifting a barbell, trying to deadlift several hundred pounds, and I could feel the extreme pressure of my metal wedding ring pushing on my finger.  A silicon wedding ring solves for this issue, but I still question if it truly is worth it?

From my perspective, I can save $20 to $40 by removing my wedding ring before going to the gym.  The only problem is if girls were to hit on me, then I may have a tough time explaining that I have a wife or if my wife had strong feelings about me not having a wedding ring on.  Other than this, is the wedding ring really worth the $20 to $40?

There are many things we purchase in our lives that can live without.  For example, scented candles are not a necessity and they can be very pricey. People will continue to purchase scented candles because they can justify the purchase by simply saying they like to have them because they smell good.  Another example, is decorations because they are not needed, but people love to have them especially around the holidays.

The QALO is a perfect example of something that is not necessary, but can be justified.  When we make purchases in life, we need to think about form, fit, and function.  What is the form, how does it fit into our lives, and what is the function?  The QALO is not going to break the bank, but in a life time of purchasing unnecessary items, you are going to really start adding up your spend.

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