Your needs are important

Everyone wants something… including you!  I understand there is a difference between wanting something and needing something.  Often, these words are used interchangeably, but in reality they should not be used interchangeably.  If you want something, then it should mean it is something you desire, but do not require.  If you need something, then it should mean it is something you require, but doesn’t necessarily mean you desire it.

An example of something you may want is a sports car.  Most likely this is something not required for you to live, but may be something you would really like to have for various reasons.  Another example of something you may want is a mansion.  Again, it may be something you would really like to have, but you can get by with living in a more economical home.

An example of something you need is food and water.  Food and water are required for you to have energy.  Similarly, sleep is also another requirement for your life.  These are things we cannot live without, which is why we need them.

There is a fuzzy line sometimes between needing something and wanting something as mentioned.  It is up to us to make sure we have enough discipline to refrain from purchasing goods, which can delay us from meeting our financial goals.  For example, if you have a car that works, but you would like to have a new car and know it will push you back financially, then I would recommend you from refraining from purchasing the new car.  A car may be a requirement for transportation, but if you have a reliable car, then you should try to keep it until you really do need a new car.

With all this being said, your needs are important.  It is up to you to determine, which are wants and which are actually needs.  You may need to take a step back to better understand the whole picture.  It is sometimes craziness when people are living up to their necks in bills because they have no willpower in abstaining from unnecessary purchases.  It is one thing if you can afford it, but if you cannot, please think twice about the purchase and ask yourself if you really do need it.

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