Talent management

It does not matter if you are a doctor, teacher, lawyer, policeman, chemist, engineer, or any other profession you can think of.  You must acquire a talent to be successful in your career and it is up to you to manage that talent.  A talent is defined as natural aptitude or skill on http://www.google.com.  To build your talent, you need to invest in yourself through education, training, practice, and seeking constructive feedback.  By building your talent, you are increasing your value and increasing your opportunity to receive higher pay.  From personal experience, I have found more talent and value does not always equal higher pay.  This is where talent management comes into play.

It is as important to manage your career as it is to be good at what you do.  My first job out of college was being a chemist for a startup pharmaceutical company.  I spent three years underpaid, even though I was a very talented chemist.  It would have been near impossible to make more money with that particular company, so I decided to move on.  If your talents exceed your current role and your manager is not willing to promote you, then you need to seriously look outside.

There is also another scenario we need to be aware of where your talent is exceptional, but you are not recognized for it.  This could be partially your fault if you are not taking the right approach to communicate your abilities.  For example, when you complete a meaningful project, you should communicate it to your leadership.  This communication can come through as an e-mail, phone call, or simply setting up a meeting to review your accomplishments.  It is important to provide a background, challenges, changes, and the impacts moving forward.

Furthermore, never stop improving yourself and building your talents.  At times it can be difficult when you are not being recognized, but if you push long enough eventually it will happen.  I have gone through many dry spells where I felt nothing was coming out of my hard work and of course it is disappointing.  Although it is easy to be disappointed when results are not immediate, we must remember our short term and long term goals.  We need to keep reminding ourselves of our overall goals to keep ourselves motivated.

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