A good leader is…

There are many different types of leaders with different personalities, ages, and styles.  There is a young Mark Zuckerberg, older Warren Buffett, middled aged Elon Musk, and we cannot forget Richard Branson.  You do not have to be the CEO of a company to be a leader, but we often think of CEOs and presidents when we think of leadership.  No matter what role we are currently in, we should think of ourselves as leaders and behave that way.  We should also always strive to improve ourselves and everyone around us.

While sitting in a meeting this afternoon, we had our Chief Operating Officer stop by to give us a few words of wisdom.  When I was listening to him, I really felt as if I could rise to the top of the company and this made me come to a realization.  A good leader is someone who makes their team believe they have endless opportunities at the company. This does not work if the leader does not believe their team has endless opportunities.  In most cases, someone who is insincere can do more damage than good.  An authentic leader providing an honest transparent message can be very powerful and motivational.

We all want to relate to our leaders, which is why leaders need to be regular people just like everyone else.  Have you ever met a person who was in a leadership position and found out you have a lot in common with them.  You may have found out some surprising facts, which made you feel closer to him/her.  It is moments like this that make leaders memorable and make you want to do your best to help support them.  A good leader is someone who can relate with their team.

I also appreciate when a leader confides in me and really trusts me.  This allows me to respect them more and trust them.  Just like everything else, trust is a two way street.  A good leader is someone who trusts you, which allows you to trust him/her.  A good leader is not someone who micromanages you.  If your leader is working on the same stuff you are working on, then there are one too many people working on the same thing.

I try to keep these simple things in mind when I strive to be a better leader.  I know a good leader is someone who makes you believe their are endless opportunities.  A good leader is someone who you can relate with.  A good leader is someone who trusts you.  A good leader is someone who does not micromanage.  Lastly, a good leader is someone who will help you grow and move to the next couple of levels.

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