The power of organization

If there is anything people say I am really good at, it is my ability to keep things organized.  When I am working, I do not want to spend time looking for misplaced items.  These items may be spreadsheets, e-mails, or reports, which are needed for a presentation.  These items may also be tools you need to complete a job in a machine shop.  Whatever the item is, if it is misplaced and you need to spend time finding it, you are simply wasting valuable time.  I think we can all agree that lack of organization can create unnecessary challenges.  So what can we do to fix this and leverage the power of organization?

Since we are all different, there is not one system that will work for all.  When organizing yourself and your work, it is important to use a system that works for you.  At the same time, you will not want to use a system so unique that it becomes impossible to transfer to someone else.  The reason I say this is because people often change roles and when you need to transition your responsibilities to someone else, a complicated system will make it that much harder.

Additionally, laziness has no place in the focus of organization.  For example, if you are using a tool and finish with it, you will want to put it back immediately.  You do not want to leave any tools laying around because they will quickly pile up and become scattered.  You will quickly realize that you are not able to find anything, which becomes an unnecessary challenge.  Similarly, you will want to file away any important documents you have.  If you allow these documents to pile up on your desktop, it will become nearly impossible to make sense of it all.  You will also not feel like organizing because it will have been a huge waste.

The power of organization allows you to get things done quickly.  It also helps you go about your work in a smarter way.  You will not feel overwhelmed from the lack of organization in your life.  You are less likely to enjoy your job when things are a mess and you cannot figure it out.  A key tool to use to improve your organizational skills is excel spreadsheets.  Spreadsheets can always help you sort out things and should be used.

What are your thoughts on organization?  Do you pay attention to it or not think about it much?


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