A successful mindset

I was never taught exactly how to be successful, but overtime I gathered information to increase my awareness of success.  You can learn to build a successful mindset that allows you to understand good versus not so good opportunities.  The first thing to know about having a successful mindset is to understand it takes time and effort to reach your goals.  There is usually a timeline that can be built out with key milestones along the way.  Let’s say you want to be a millionaire.  Most likely you are not going to be a millionaire overnight unless you get really lucky.  Most people are capable of being a millionaire eventually, but there must be a plan set in place to accomplish this goal.

Having a successful mindset means understanding the full holistic view of the project or journey to success.  Think about learning something new and the process you participate in to achieve learning.  Let’s say you are learning how to bake cookies.  The first time around will be slower because you are still learning how to create these cookies.  The second time and third time, you are going to be faster and understand where you are going after each completed step.  This is similar for completing goals.  The first couple of times you are going through the paces, you are going to be slower and not know which comes next.  After you finish a few projects, reach a few goals, and so on, you are going to be better and better with each additional experience.

It is important not to be frustrated, especially when we are learning how to be successful.  With more experience, we will automatically be better and better.  The big failure will only come if we stop and do not finish what we set out to do.  There needs to be a very good reason for not completing our journey to hit certain milestones.  Think about some things you would like to achieve and understand the start to finish.  What activities need to be completed to achieve your goal?  Do not delay and immediately begin accomplishing your goal(s).

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