What is really important?

Imagine driving into work on your typical route and some crazed driver cuts you off. You are quickly upset and throw your arms up with emotion.  You want the crazed driver to pay for his stupidity.  Then you take a deep breath and let it go.  You quickly realize there is a bigger picture than just that one snapshot in time where some fool cut you off.  Your journey involves driving from home to your place of work.  Your journey that day included a minor event of somebody cutting you off, but this is just a tiny part of your journey.  You realize the important part of your drive is arriving safely to your work.

Try taking this scenario to other parts of your life where something happens that you did not like.  This could be at work, your personal life, school, or someplace else. Instead of getting excited and immediately overreacting, what if you took a breath and looked at the whole picture?  You could think about things from a higher level and understand what is truly important.  This type of thinking will gain your more respect.  People will also trust you more because they know you are thinking about the bigger picture.  You will no longer get upset at the small things, which may actually be meaningless when you think about the holistic view.

Can you think about some scenarios where you overreacted because you did not think about the whole picture?  When you zoom out, you can really see what is important and what isn’t important.  You can determine more easily the efforts you should be taking on and the efforts you should just leave alone.  There can be more opportunities for you to take advantage of because you may be able to see more when you zoom out.  Let me know what you think.

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