The importance of a good environment

Have you ever chatted with a co-worker in the office that complained so much, they ended up getting you upset?  They could have been complaining about management or the lack of pay.  This ended up creating new thoughts in your mind.  You may have went back to your desk and started thinking more about what your co-worker said.  You start questioning your management too.  It ends up significantly decreasing your productivity for that day.  It could be possible that the management in your office do make poor decisions.  Everything you co-worker said could be true.  With this being said, it will not help your career to gossip in the hallways about management.  In reality, it will hurt your chances of proceeding to the next level.

There are good days and bad days, ups and downs, lows and highs, and so on in the workplace.  When you are at a low point, you will want to move along quickly to get out of the rut.  When you are at a high point, you will want to utilize that moment to the best of your ability to stretch out all that goodness.  With this being said, you will not want to allow negativity into your circle in the workplace.  Move as far away from gossipers and negative people if possible.  Having a good environment means having good people with the right type of thinking.  A good environment will allow you to succeed and take on the opportunities you want to take on.  A good environment should not be limiting, but enabling.

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