Family time

In our society today, money is necessary to purchase food, gas for transportation, pay for our mortgages, monthly bills, college education, entertainment, and so much more.  For most citizens, it is imperative to have a job to earn money to continue living a standard life.  There are few people who have enough money to live without having a job.  You also have a range of people from super career oriented to not very career oriented at all.  I would classify myself closer to the super career oriented group.  Although I am career oriented, it does not mean I need to focus all my attention on my career.  I still need to provide adequate attention to my personal life, specifically my family.  The challenge is getting a good balance between the two, but also realize your priority should be your family.

As mentioned, we need money to support our families, but money cannot buy emotional support.  Prior to having a baby, I would go to work and then go to the gym after I got home at night.  To maximize the amount of time I spend with my son, wife, and animals, I wake up earlier to go to the gym in the morning.  I go to the gym 5am each morning, get to work at around 7:30am, get home around 5:30pm, and have the whole night to hang around with my family.  The weekends are slightly different because I do not have to go to work.  Everyone’s schedule is a little bit different, but I cannot emphasize enough the importance of making your family first.

On the flip side of working too much and not spending enough time with your family, there are people that don’t work enough.  This can also be a problem because even though you are spending a bunch of time with your family, you may not be supporting them financially.  This can also be a big issue because it can limit what your family can do.  If you do not have enough money to support their extracurricular activities or provide enough food on the table, you are doing a disservice to your family.  Balance does not happen over night and may take a while to get it right.  Constant communication with your significant other and/or other family members through this period of trial and error is key to success.

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