Closing loose ends – part II

On 04/21/18 I wrote a blog titled, Closing loose ends and I spoke about the importance of closing loose ends to finalize any projects you are working on.  It is critical to complete 100% of the project before you move on because if you do not, there will be leftover work trickling down and it can become cumbersome after you left two or three projects incomplete.  As overachievers, we will probably want to take on more than we can handle to show our managers that we are capable of handling more.  We will want to bite off more than we can chew to prove ourselves in challenging situations.  This is part of being a team player and getting to the next level, but we need to be strategic and not overwhelm ourselves in the process.

Earlier on this year, I was faced with a few challenges regarding incomplete projects.  They were just hanging around dwindling when my manager spoke to me.  “Why are these projects still open?”  I did not have a good answer because I did not know myself.  We sat down and worked through the steps necessary to close them out.  Two of the three projects were closed out by the end of the week.  I had all the information I needed and just had to execute.  The third was closed out the following week and I was ready to move onto bigger and better things.  A lot of the time I have all the information and the pieces to the puzzle.  I just need to put them together and present them out for a decision.  There are a lot of diverse projects I’ve worked on with different answers to the questions, but closing out the project is always a requirement.

I emphasize this concept because it is important to becoming successful and adding value back to the company.  We are paid by our employers to add value.  In bigger companies, it is easier to hide for longer periods of time, but eventually it will catch up to you.  I know my readers are smart and will want to succeed.  We want to grow, learn, and take on new challenges.  This is the process of being accomplished.  We seek civil accomplishments.

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