Stay focused and keep going

This morning I woke up, let my dog out, fed my cat, fed my 8 week year old son, wrote in my journal, and went to the gym once my wife woke up.  I thought it would be nice to let my wife sleep in because she rarely gets the chance to.  At the gym, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill and did some shoulder exercises.  During the time I was on the treadmill, a lot of things went through my mind.  It is my time to get away and reflect, which is why I enjoy it.

A question that often crosses my mind is, how are some people so successful where others are simply not?  I do not believe you can prescribe the same remedy to every situation, but we can take a look at various scenarios and find common themes.  For me personally, my accomplishments contain a common characteristic that my failures do not.  The characteristic is tenacity or persistence.  For example, paying off my mortgage is a primary goal in my life, which I constantly remind myself of in my journal.  Since I am constantly reminding myself of this goal, I have constantly push myself to pay more and more towards my mortgage to reach this goal.  Another example, was completing my masters degree, which I also constantly wrote about in my journal to keep myself aware of my goal to achieve my masters degree.

Staying focused is crucial, but it is the how and why that compels you to keep focused on your goals.  By knowing you are targeting specific goals for a good reason, you are more likely to continue chasing that goal and keep moving.  For me, I keep a journal to write about my goals in life.  I have kept this journal since June 15, 2005 and it has been a very helpful tool in my life.  Secondly, I keep a spreadsheet of my goals (i.e., personal, business, career, school, etc), which also keeps me engaged and motivated to continue reaching my goals.  It is super important to keep your goals consistent, with minor adjustments if necessary as you progress.  It is also very important to track your goals and your progress towards your goals.  You need to be accountable and not live in a fake world.  You need to live in a real world and understand when you are behind on your goals.  Understanding and accepting failures, will only help you improve and progress.

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