Fighting fatigue

Yesterday, I blogged on the topic of time off.  The blog was titled, We all need time off in case you are interested in reading more about my thoughts and perspective on that subject.  Today, I am going to blog about the topic of fighting fatigue.  When we do not give ourselves time to rest, we can become overly exhausted.  Stress and exhaustion may weaken our immune systems and leave us vulnerable to illness.  Fatigue is a real issue we can experience when we are not getting enough time to unwind and rebuild.  Many of us will drink a coffee or Red Bull to quickly get a burst of energy, but as we all now this will not be a sustainable solution forever.  A quick burst of caffeine will provide only a quick burst of energy.  We need a solution that makes sense in the long term.  Here are a few options to improve our stamina:

  • Exercise
  • Eat healthy
  • Get enough sleep
  • Stop relying on energy drinks (i.e., Red Bull, Monster, coffee)
  • Stay engaged in your work

Exerciseeating healthy, and sleep will improve your body and mind.  You will be able to think more clearly and perform better in whatever you are trying to do.  You will also feel much better because you will look better.  It is also important not to rely on energy drinks because these will only handicap you.  You may depend on them too much and not be able to function without them.  We do not want to be dependent on anything like energy drinks.  Staying engaged in your work will help you stay awake and want to get the job done.  If you do not feel engaged, then you should probably start looking for another job.

Fatigue is real and can be dangerous to our careers.  We do not want to be the sleepy person in the office or on the job site.  We want to be the enthusiastic person with plenty of energy to get whatever is needed done.  We want to be someone who people look up to and have the power to influence.  We are more  likely to influence when we are charismatic and have a favorable personality.  Someone who is always tired or fatigued may not be someone who people like to be around.  A fatigued person may actually be someone who people avoid and do not want to be around.  Try being the excited and highly energetic person because it is more fun that way.

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