Check your service providers

From time to time, my internet does not perform at the speeds Comcast claims it should be.  AT&T is another service provider I have had issues with from time to time, specifically with dropped calls and poor cellular connection.  I am the customer and should be completely satisfied.  A few years ago when I was flying on an airplane, I ran into a situation where I did not get what I wanted from the flight attendant.  I asked for a diet coke, but the flight attendant gave me a cranberry juice.  I started to drink it knowing it was not what I asked for.  The gentleman next to me asked, “Did you not want a diet coke?”

I replied, “Yes. I did want a diet coke, but I am okay with a cranberry juice.”

“You should always get what you want,” the gentleman said.  “If you want a diet coke and they give you a cranberry, you need to correct it by letting them know they made an error.”

I never really thought about this before, but it did make a lot of sense.  If I wanted a diet coke and they gave me a cranberry juice, I should have simply told them it was not what I asked for.  From that point on, I started getting exactly what I wanted.  I applied it to my personal life, school life, business life, and so on.  This has helped me get what I want and get more things done.

Tonight, I called Comcast because I could not take the slow internet speeds any longer and it had become very frustrating.  I ended up getting most of my performance issue resolved and gained a few extra dollars off my bill.  Similarly, I have contacted AT&T in the past and have had similar results.  I am not a big fan of either of these service providers, but feel my options are very limited.  I do believe in calling them up from time to time to make sure they are giving me what I want.  It is also nice when they give you a few dollars off your bill for the inconvenience.  Try taking a step back and evaluate your day to day.  Are you getting what you want?  If not, what can you do to make sure you are getting what you want?  As simple as it sounds, getting what you want will really push you further towards your goals.

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