Barriers and your success

There are barriers in this world that can be difficult to overcome.  These barriers can hold you back from achieving your goals.  These barriers need to be dealt with appropriately, so they do not inhibit you from achieving your dreams.  A barrier can be a person, expense, lack of motivation, personal flaw, and so on.  You can choose to deal with the barrier by removing it, going around it, or overcoming it.  It is possible that there are no feasible solutions and the barrier can hinder your success.  If there are no feasible solutions, then you will want to find this out as quickly as possible.

In my personal business, I have found it difficult to find enough time to get everything done because I have a lot of other stuff going on.  The barrier between me and success in this situation is time.  To overcome this challenge, I have prioritized my time and become more efficient in the things I am doing.  I have asked myself the question, what is important to the business?  Since time is limited, I need to make sure every minute spent is spent on something that is adding value back to my business.  I am not spending extra time on things that simply don’t matter.

Another barrier in my life is funding to do everything I want to do.  Similarly to time, I am looking to maximize my money and use it towards things that matter.  For example, I do not feel it is necessary to purchase unnecessary crap such as nicknacks and garden ornaments.  I am using my money to pay off debts and invest into things that will give me a return on my investment.  At some point, I will not have debt and I will have plenty of money to do those things I want to.  If I started spending my money prematurely on the so called fun stuff, I will pay off my debts at a slower rate. When debts hang around for a longer period of time, then I am paying interest for a longer period of time.  At the end of the day, I have less money in my pocket, which does not add more value to my personal financial situation.

Can you think of any barriers in your life that may hold you back from achieving your goals?  What type of solutions can you come up with to deal with them?  It is important to knock out these barriers one by one, so we can proceed to the territory of success.

2 Comments on “Barriers and your success

  1. Health! Take care of your health so it does not become a barrier. Heart disease, diabetes, injury, bad lungs from smoking or vaping, etc Many health issues can be prevented; some of them in they are not prevented can not be cured by any amount of money.


    • That is a major one I missed here, which I should further talk about. I do my best to eat healthy and hit the gym regularly to make sure I am healthy. You are right that some can be prevented or at least you can try to reduce your risk of getting injured or some diseases. It is a very good practice.

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