Bringing your dreams to life

A while back, I was sitting next to a gentleman on an airplane who started, owned, and sold many businesses.  He told me he was the only 28 year old in his town driving around a Lamborghini when he first started.  He ended up selling that business for $40million.  At that point, he traveled around for a little bit and then started another business.  He was very good at starting businesses, growing businesses, and selling them.  The gentleman said to me, “unless you are 100% devoted to your business, then it is just a mere hobby”.  This statement has stuck with me since because it made me think of my own aspirations.  If I am only devoting 25% or 30% of my time to my dreams, then will I ever be able to reach them?

We only live one life (or at least this is what I believe).  Since we are only living this one life, we should devote our lives to something we really want to do and are very proud of.  For the past couple of weeks, I have been dancing around this topic of bringing your dreams to life.  For me, I have a business I would like to run full time.  This business is what I would run for the next twenty or thirty years until I passed it down to my son or sold it to another person.  There are a few things I would need to complete before I felt comfortable quitting my current job and moving into this new business full time.  First, I need to pay off my mortgage.  Second, I need to have built enough industry experience both on the technical and business side.  This may be a little bit subjective because unless you are rating by years, it is difficult to measure experience.  Third, I want to make sure the business has a good future by confirming we are hitting our targets and are planning on hitting our targets for the next few years.

As I mentioned many times before, it is crucial to write down your goals and track your progress.  I treat my shorter term goals along the way as supports for my longer term goals, which are supports for my overall goal or vision.  More to come on this later…

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