No control over decisions impacting you

This is an important topic, which is often misunderstood.  No control over decisions impacting you.  It is very easy to push the blame or formulate a quick excuse of why things didn’t go your way.  For example we can say, “I did not get the promotion because my manager does not like me” or “The project was cancelled because leadership decided it so”.  These may be very good excuses for why things did not go your way, but you can always take control of your situation.  If your manager does not like you and you are not getting promoted because of it, then ask yourself why does your manager not like you?  Are there things you can do to improve yourself or change your manager’s opinion?  You can always look outside your department or company if things are simply not going to change.  If your projects are getting cancelled because leadership feels they are not worthy of moving to the next gate, then you need to better understand why.  Is there something you can do to fix this, so your projects can advance?

At home, maybe you are not able to keep up with your bills or you are not able to please your family.  Ask yourself why these things are happening and how you can change the outcome?  Step one in taking control is understanding the current situation.  Who are the key players and what is your role?  Understand the moving parts and how you can leverage, basically everything you can think of.  Secondly, understand your goals and when you want to achieve your goals.  We know these things do take time and this is acceptable.  If we have a goal in mind and set a plan in place to achieve that goal or reach that goal, and we are working towards achieving the goal, then we are doing good. If we are ahead of schedule in reaching the goal, then we are better than good.

If you think you have no control in decisions impacting you, then I would say you are wrong in most situations.  There are few situations where you have no control and I would say a lot of these situations involve health.  There are certain diseases and syndromes that may not be able to control.  For me, financial stability, physical fitness, emotional balance, social balance, and spirituality to name a few are very important to me.

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