Push through it

Today was a monumental day in my business, which has been years in the making to get here.  We have had many failed attempts, but did not give up trying because we knew we would eventually breakthrough.  Even at the signing for the new building, I was second guessing myself and remembered I need to push through it.  So many times before I have failed because I simply did not keep going.  In my opinion, this is the worst type of failure.  With this being said, it is better to fully assess the entire situation at the start to make sure the reward is worth the risk.  I have worked on many projects that I could have cancelled at anytime, but there needs to be a really good reason not to continue on. I must emphasize the importance of thinking through everything at the start, so you do not run into issues later on that may push you to stop your work.

In my business, we have had a few tricky projects that we could not find a solution to.  We have never given up on these projects, but do have them on hold until a better solution surfaces.  This too can be very frustrating because it is something we cannot close out and move on.  I write about this type of stuff in my blog titled, Closing loose ends and Closing loose ends – part II.  To close loose ends, we need to push through it until the project is 100% complete.  Each project you are working on may be different in the way you approach it.  Each project may require different skillsets and we need to be able to adapt to different scenarios.  Some projects require more clever thinking, where other projects require more bullish hard work.  Knowing what to use and where to use it, is a skill in itself.  These skills can be found and improved over time.  We just need to keep pushing through and make sure we are not stopping prematurely.

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