Financial discipline – part II

I posted on 04/14/18 a blog titled Financial discipline and today I would like to further expand on this topic.  There are so many products readily available today for purchase, which makes it incredibly difficult to restrain yourself from purchasing crap you don’t need.  There are countless commercials on TV, advertisements on the internet, and billboards all around us showing us products we should buy.  It often seems like we need these products, but there are more products than money to buy them.  I personally love cars, so I am constantly thinking about purchasing them.  It usually starts with me researching about the specific car I like and ends with me talking myself out of buying it.  It feels too good not to have a payment, which is why I do not want to purchase a new car at this point in my life.  I still love my Jeep and feel I can get by with it because it is not that old.

In order to be successful with financial discipline, we need to make sure our goals are clearly defined.  If your goals are well defined and you really believe in them, then you will be able to justify reasons why you should stay financially disciplined.  I know I want to pay off my mortgage and become 100% debt free by 2023.  This goal keeps me driven to make sure I stay on track and remain financially discipline.  I talk a little bit about this in my blog titled Sacrificing for the greater good and Stay focused and keep going.  I have had friends who have had trouble clearly defining goals, so I sat down with them and helped them figure it out.  I said, “these goals are personally, so you need to develop them, but I have not problem helping you get there.”  I felt we were successful in each case and they have been consistently pushing to reach those goals.

If there are any questions on how to clearly define your goals or anything around this topic, please reach out.  I am always available not help out on these types of things.  The better we are as a society in creating goals, pushing ourselves forward, and growing our bank accounts, the better we will be… or at least I would think so!

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