Working hard for what you want

If success was easy, then everyone would have it…  In 2010, I weighed between 155-160lb and was playing ice hockey 3 to 4 times per week.  Although, at this weight I was normal on the body mass index chart, I wanted to gain more muscle mass.  After a few years, I finally got up to a steady 180lb by changing my routine.  Instead of focusing mostly on cardiovascular training, I shifted my focus to strength training.  I also changed my diet to accommodate a healthy weight gain.  I could have went out and gained a bunch of weight by eating unhealthy fattening foods from fast food restaurants, but I wanted to do it the right way.  I wanted to make sure the weight I was putting on was quality muscle and not just a bunch of fat.  In thinking back to the beginning to now, I realize it was very important to prepare a plan that makes sense for me.  In other words, the plan had to be realistic.


In addition to having a realistic and effective plan, I needed to make sure I was consistently pushing to reach my goal.  This means I needed to keep it at the top of mind everyday and make sure I had motivation.  As you can imagine, it is very difficult for a lot of people to routinely go to the gym and eat healthy.  I made it part of my lifestyle, even if I was traveling for business.  As I mention in The tortoise and the hare, it is the consistent pushing that separates you from the rest and will allow you to beat others that may be in theory better than you.  Occasionally, I will purchase a new set of wireless headphones or gym clothes to further motivate myself to continue on my journey at the gym.  Looking good and feeling good do help further motivate me and help reassure I am on the right path to success.

It is not easy to achieve your goals, especially when it is worth it.  Earlier on in my life, I felt I was never the best at anything and I often asked myself why.  As a kid I was always told to do my best, but it always felt as if my best was not good enough.  From this, I deduct that I need to push harder than my best.  For example, if I am running and feel that I cannot go any longer, I tell myself to keep pushing forward.  Most likely I am not going to pass out and even if I did, I will eventually get back up.  When I am at the gym, I give all I can to make sure I am not wasting my 60-90 minutes per day.  The most difficult part of it all is eating healthy because I love eating all types of foods (both healthy and unhealthy).  We need to make sure we are working hard for what we want because nobody else is going to do it for us.  Just keep driving to your goals!

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