Setting expectations and removing anxiety

It is Sunday Night and I ask myself, will this be the week all my dreams come true?  Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that all my dreams will come true this week, but it doesn’t mean I should stop trying.  Instead of splitting my efforts into a wide range of goals, I plan on knocking out one single goal this week.  I do believe this will help me stay more focused on the objective and more likely to complete it, so I can move onto the next goal the following week.  I have been writing a book, which I will be selling on and I am very excited about it.  I have been writing this book for quite some time and I will do my best to complete it this upcoming week.  By finishing this book, I will remove a great amount of tension I have.  It makes me feel anxious when I have unfinished business on my mind.  Of course writing the book is my personal choice, but I do feel compelled to tell my story.

I ask myself, why do I feel anxious about getting this stuff done?  I am naturally driven to produce results and cannot change this characteristic.  It can be good and bad.  The good part is that I am super driven to reach my goals.  It can be bad because I have a hard time relaxing, especially when I know I have a ton of work on my plate.  It is a very big psychological conundrum, which I do not think I’ll solve anytime soon.  The best way of coping with this internal battle is to set expectations for myself and realize I am not superman.  I simply will not be able to get to everything today and I need to accept it.  There are people that set expectations too high and do not achieve what they would like to achieve.  There are people that set expectations too low and always achieve what they would like to achieve.  We should set our expectations slightly on the high side, but not so high that we will not reach our goals.

As I mentioned, I do want to complete the book writing this week.  I know it will be challenging, but is very possible.  I will also need to create a cover and read over it several times to make sure everything is correct.  I will also need to have others proof read my work to make sure I did not make any errors.  Once 100% complete, I will launch on and sell for a very fair price.  It is a personal story about myself and my first job out of college.  This story is very meaningful to me and helped mold who I am today.  It also helps future professionals looking to join a startup company, get a sneak peak into the challenges of being at a startup company. I am very proud of the book and will be very excited to finally launch it.  As mentioned, the book will probably be super cheap… less than $10.

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