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It is easier today than ever before to publish your books and sell them freely on the internet.  For the past couple of years, I have been thinking about writing a book based on a story personal to me.  The title of this book is DOWN ON THE PHARM and it is based on 3 years of my life working for a startup pharmaceutical company.  For legal reasons, I have opted to be anonymous and named the main character Jack Jingles.

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Using Amazon to list my book to be sold under the Kindle eBook format and paperback format has been incredibly simple.  It does take Amazon roughly 72 hours to list your book once you hit the final button to publish.  There is some background activities that Amazon must do to get your book listed on their website.

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If you are interested in using Amazon to list your book the website is  The KDP means kindle direct publishing.  

I am incredibly excited about this book and do feel it very interested for all audiences.  The story reveals the sad truth about one startup pharmaceutical company.  Far too often, we believe we are all treated equally and it is not always the case.  The abuse in this story revolves around immigrants in the USA on a H1B visa provided by a startup company.  This particular company abuse their power and leverage their situation with the immigrants and their need of the H1B visa to stay in the USA.  Depending on how long Amazon takes, it should be available for purchase Monday, June 11 at the latest.  Please feel free to purchase either the Kindle eBook and/or the paperback to support.  It is also a great read with very interesting situations.  I promise you will not be disappointed and if you are, “sorry”.

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