First copies of my book

I am happy to say, I received the first couple of books from Amazon for review and they look great.  Although the book is only 90 pages or so long, it still does provide the full breath  of the story.  I am proud of this work and the message it conveys.  I can only hope it helps others in similar circumstances.  You do not need to feel alone and need to speak out against poor work conditions.  Everyone has the right to happiness and I believe Adam Grant, an American psychologist says it best.

“The culture of a workplace – an organization’s values, norms and practices – has a huge impact on our happiness and success.” – Adam Grant


Every time I think back to the challenges I was facing in my earlier career, as mentioned in my book Down on the Pharm, I often fantasize about going back in time to change my actions.  It is always easier to know what to do after the event has taken place and you see the outcome.  I am passionate about this book and have decided to provide it for free this week if you visit Amazon.  The free format is the eBook for Kindle on Amazon.  I want to grow awareness of my book at this stage.  I am not doing this to achieve any sort of monetary value.

With this blog being called Civil Accomplishment and the main focus being to gain personal successes, whatever those may be for you, I need to talk about how this book relates to my own personal goals.  As I work through my major priorities for the next couple of years, there are key events that have happened to me in the past that I need to tie up loose ends first.  Without closing these open loops, I will not feel complete and will spend extra time thinking about them.  The biggest was to write this book and reveal the challenges I’ve had in my earlier years straight out of school.  Now that I have completed this task, I feel I have one less thing dwindling in my brain, subconsciously holding me down.  I am more free to move on to bigger and better things.  A second part of this, is to try and get readers to read my book.  I want as many people as possible to read it and provide feedback if possible.

If you have anything dwindling in the back of your mind, I would recommend dealing with it sooner rather than later.  It is not very fun to have a constant reminder with you all the time of something you don’t want to be reminded of.  It is also not very fun to have too many things lingering in your brain causing cloudy thinking.  Writing Down on the Pharm has been a very big relief for me.  I can already feel weight lifted from me, as if it were a burden of some sort.

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