Make sure you are eating

As mentioned in my previous blog Value Grocery Shopping, I have talked about shopping at Aldi to save money.  Yesterday, the plan was to go food shopping after watching my nephew’s baseball game.  Unfortunately, the game ended much later than we expected and we were not going to make it to Aldi in time before they closed at 9pm.  Since we desperately needed groceries, my wife and I went to a local Shop Rite.  My wife and I quickly filled our shopping cart and ended up spending nearly $200 on groceries that will last us at most 2 weeks.  Keep in mind, that my wife and I were purchasing mainly sale items and making sure we were not purchasing unnecessary items.

If there is one thing certain, food is very expensive.  I can imagine the same foods from Aldi would be much less expensive, but would the quality be as good?  I will say Aldi does have good quality products, except for the meats.  My wife and I always purchase meat from Shop Rite, Sams Club, BJ’s or somewhere other than Aldi.  We have never really had good meat (i.e., beef, chicken, pork) from Aldi.

This morning at 5am after feeding my 12 week year old son, I was excited to get into the refrigerator and make myself a hearty sandwich (shown in picture below).  It is very important to eat food to have energy to work and reach success.


There is really no way around the cost of food.  It is expensive and we can only try to save money where we can and when we can.  By this I mean, using coupons, finding sales, and not wasting food.  For example, if you are purchasing fresh produce, you may want to keep in mind shelf-life.  If you buy too much and do not use it quickly enough, you may run into spoilage problems.  Any sort of wasted food directly correlates to money losses.  Additionally, eating out as mentioned in my blog Eating out versus eating in can be very expensive.  I do enjoy eating out very much, especially when we are going out with friends and family.  If you are trying to save, eating out is one of those luxurious that may need to be removed or reduced.

My last thoughts on food revolve around effectiveness.  I always make sure I am buying the foods I want, which will be most effective in helping me achieve the goals I want to achieve.  When we are spending top dollar for a product, we want to make sure we are getting something meeting our standards.  For example, when buying produce- we typically inspect the produce to make sure it doesn’t have any major bruises, dents, scratches, blemishes, and so on.  This should apply to anything else we purchase in our lives.  It should also apply to any service we receive.  We need to make sure we are upholding standards and not allowing ourselves to take subpar products or services.

These are just a few thoughts I had this morning.  Do you have any thoughts on this?

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