Ease your troubles with money

The day to day grind can be challenging, especially when it feels like you are not reaching your goals.  You may ask yourself, are you actually getting anywhere by putting in hard work?  If you do not believe you are advancing towards your goals, then it does become extremely discouraging.  Since I like to measure things quantitatively, I can best relate this to my financial goals.  There are two key things we need to think about when it comes to staying motivated.

Create a smart-plan

Anyone can create a plan, but not everyone can create a smart-plan.  A regular plan does not take into account the many variables, which can impact your journey to success.  A smart-plan is well thought out and will take into account these variables.  One of the big challenges in getting ahead for the majority of people is at the start of your life as a young adult.  Typically, you are going to purchase a car, home, and possibly some other big investments.  Most people do not have the cash to purchase these things, so they go to a bank for a car loan or mortgage.  All of a sudden, you are paying some fees for paperwork and interest each year.  Of course, nobody is going to lend out money for free!  The interest alone will keep you in debt for a long time, which is why it is very difficult to get out of debt.  Additionally, you may even have student loans and those also carry more interest into your life.  So what can we do?

A smart-plan will include your priorities.  For example, purchase car, house, and pay off your student loans.  Understand your income, your debt, and how quickly you can pay them off.  Write down your plan to pay off these debts and be reasonable.  It is very unlikely you are going to pay off $300k in debt in one year, unless you are making a significant amount of money.  If your plan is 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years, make sure you are writing in your plan for each year, how much you want to pay off.  Make sure you look at your plan and record your progress throughout the years.  After a year or two, you will surely see significant progress being made.  This is motivation in itself, which takes me to my next point.

Stay motivated

By recording, reviewing, and tracking your goals, you are creating motivation because you are going to be fully aware of your progress.  When we do not record our progress, we do not see how far we have come.  This is what leads us to feeling down and worthless.  Sometimes motivation can come in other forms too, such as watching motivational youtube videos or just simply talking to positive people who influence us in good ways.

It is true that we can ease our troubles with money, but this does not typically happen until much later on in life.  I am fully aware of this, but still do have a smart-plan I’ve made to make sure I can get there faster.  It would not be very smart to think things are just going to fall into place.  We need to make sure we are doing everything possible to reach our goals.  Create a smart-plan and stay motivated.

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