High on happiness

Yesterday was Father’s Day and my wife made me chocolate chip pancakes with a side of strawberries.  While eating breakfast and opening a father’s day gift, I received an urgent call from a customer.  My father and I ended up having to go out to fix a piece of equipment for the customer that morning, which was not something I planned on doing for my first father’d day celebration.  I was not too upset because I was able to spend some more time with my dad, but was disappointed I did not get to spend as much time with my wife and son on Father’s day.  We ended up finishing up the job by 3pm and we were able to get back to our Father’s day celebration with the family.


Quite frequently, a monkey wrench will be thrown into your life and it is crucial that you do not get upset.  Initially, I was upset I had to go visit a customer on my first father’s day, but knew I needed to fix the machine for our customer.  It was a very large new customer for our business and I knew it would show commitment and good customer service.  This would help us gain more business in the near future.  I did need to take a step back after receiving the call and take a few breaths.  Although I was not super happy about going out, it was not the end of the world.  My wife appreciates my hard work and sacrifice for the family.  I am fortunate I have a supportive and understanding wife.

The other thing that kept me out of a region of rage or unhappiness was the fact that I was high on happiness.  Since the birth of my son, I have been jubilant and extremely happy.  I feel my son has brought me so much joy and things that used to be a big problem, are not a big problem now because I realize there is so much more to life than materialistic things.  As long as everyone is healthy and happy, there are really no big problems in my life.  Since I am high on happiness, I strive to keep this high going.  I want to spread the happiness to others and make sure everyone is living as well as I am.  If you are not feeling happy, try taking a step back and really figuring out what the root of your problem is.  Since life is so short and you only live once (or so I believe), you nee to make sure you enjoy this life.  Make sure you live our your dreams and take the risks that can lead you to rewards.  Chase your desires and drive yourself to be successful.

“Stay high on happiness”

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