The real criminals… resolved

On 06/23/18 I wrote a blog titled, The real criminals… that spoke about the abuses of service providers such as AT&T.  Although AT&T is big, I will not let them defeat me so easily by pushing bogus surcharges and fees on me.  I gave myself a full day to cool down and gather my thoughts.  I ended up contacting AT&T again explaining I do not want to pay more for the same service.  The AT&T representative I spoke to recommended me moving from an unlimited plan to a 10GB plan because on average I am only using 7GB per month.  This would save me $30 per month, which is $360 savings per year.  For me, this is a win and a good cost savings for the year.

If I did not call back and stay persistent, then I may not have found this solution.  I would have probably left AT&T eventually and went to another service provider.  I know in 12 to 18 months, I will be back on the phone with AT&T fighting them again. I do wish to celebrate these small victories when I am able to get them.  It is important to make sure we are constantly keeping our eyes open for better deals because cost savings do add up.  You never know when you need a few extra dollars to get you through a tough time in your life.  You are more likely not to be in difficult times when you are cost conscious all the time.

As advice to anyone who wants to take it, call your service providers at least once per year and ask for the best deals.  You may be surprised when you end up saving money just by taking a few minutes out of your day once per year.  For example, I am now saving $30/month with AT&T from my previous setup.  Imagine if I did this with two other service providers.  I would be saving $90/month or $1,080/year.  You could potentially use this money to be invested and if you received a 7% ROI, you are looking at an extra $75 gain at the end of the year.  Just some food for thought… as they say!

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