Making hard decisions easier

Decision is defined as the action or process of deciding something or of resolving a question [reference].  Everyday we need to make many decisions.  Some decisions are easier than others.  Some decisions are extremely difficult and require more thought than an easy decision.  It is crucial to make the right decisions to avoid getting into trouble.  Poor decisions can lead to a delay in your plans to reach success.  Poor decisions can also possibly lead to illness or even death.  In our lives we are going to make poor decisions and that is normal.  It is important to make less poor decisions than good decisions.

When faced with a difficult or hard decision, we need to make sure we are putting extra effort into making a good decision, especially if there is negative impact associated with making the wrong decision.  Of course, we may not know in that moment if a decision is good or bad, which is why it is important to keep this in mind.  First, we need to gather information/data to better prepare ourselves to make the right decision.  More information about the choices will help us better understand the pros and cons of each option.  If we are not fully aware of our options and what they mean, then we are just picking based off of luck.

Secondly, we need to understand our goals and make sure our decisions are aligned with helping us reach those goals.  We should ask ourselves, does this decision help support my plan to reach my goals?  Also, does this decision help support other team members on my team or in my life reach their goals?  Although a decision may support your goals, it could backfire if you are crushing someone else’s plans.  We need to keep these types of things in mind too.

Third, we need to make sure we are learning from our mistakes.  If there was a poor decision made in the past, are you remembering this to make sure you do not repeat it?  If you make a poor decision now, you need to make sure you note it for the future.  The same goes for any good decisions.  We need to make sure we remember good decisions too, so we can repeat those results.

At the end of the day, some decisions are just going to be simply difficult.  There may be nothing we can do to solve this, but we can surely ease the pain of a hard decision by following these three steps.  We need to gather information, make sure it supports our plans, and remember our past decisions.

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