You are not getting paid for s&g

In the common workplace, you will find all sorts of people with diverse backgrounds and I would say this is a very good thing.  When a team is diverse and contains people with different experiences, a wide range of solutions can be brought to the table.  With this being said, diversity can also bring differences in understanding the business.  Not everyone is trained to look at their role in the company from a business lens.  I will admit that I was one of these people with the lack of experience to understand how my role impacted the business.  For starters, we need to be aware that you are not getting paid for shits and giggles.  If your role is not creating value for the company, then your role should be eliminated.

Creating value

In my journey to better understanding the connection between my role and the impact it had on the business, I realized an important piece is creating value.  We can ask ourselves, how is my role creating value for the business?  How can I create more value for the business?  What can I do better?  If you are able to start answering these questions, you are going to be a far better employee than you have ever been before.  We need to take a step back and understand the bigger picture.


Look for larger roles

As you gain more experience and grow out of your current role, you should be looking for the next stop in your career path.  If you grow too large for your current role, eventually you could be easily replaced by someone who requires less pay.  You may say, how can they replace me, but I have seen this exact scenario happen many times.  As you become more equipped for a larger role, you are going to be able to help contribute more to the business.  Since you will be contributing more (i.e., responsibility, time, dedication), you should get a matching salary.

Never hide in the weeds

A very smart person once told me, look for the opportunities that give you exposure to multiple fronts.  A lot of times people want to hide in the weeds and avoid being noticed.  I can understand this because you are still getting paid the same [today].  If you want to grow and be promoted, then you are going to need to network and be noticed for your good works.  If you are ready for a new position, then look for that position that offers you more exposure.  The exposure should be on multiple fronts meaning, across the entire company.  For example, you may want to take a business operations manager position because you will get exposure to top management across procurement, quality, plants, packaging, product development, sales, marketing, and so on.  It would truly be a cross-functional role that requires you to take on a true leadership role.

A few last words

As mentioned, you are not just getting paid for shits and giggles [s&g].  To grow, you need to create value for your company, look for larger roles, and never hide in the weeds.  These are just a few tips of many that I can provide.  If you are interested in more guidance or discussion around this, please comment below.  I am always up for a good conversation on careers.  As obvious as this all sounds, it is typically not something they teach you in school.  Especially for me studying biochemistry/engineering, you are just not going to get this teaching in your normal workload.  It is up to us to network with professionals and gain career advice in this way.  I would not say my advisors in university were extremely helpful when it came to career advice.

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