More coffee please

Each morning I wake up at around 4:40am and go to the gym for roughly 50 minutes to 70 minutes.  I get back around 6:15am, take a shower, prepare my lunch, make coffee and drive to work.  On the 50 minute drive in, I drink my coffee and listen to music.  This drive is the portion of the day I reflect on the past, present, and future.  Basically, it is free time for me to be alone and think about things I normally do not have time to think about.  The caffeine typically hypes me up for the day, but by noon I start feeling tired again.  At that point, I say… more coffee please!

The problem with drinking coffee every time I am tired is that I will become dependent on it and I do not want to do that.  For some people, coffee becomes a permanent crutch.  So why am I talking about this?

In life, it is easy to become addicted or dependent on certain things.  We need to make sure we are not doing anything in excess.  Even too much good can become bad!   There simply needs to be a balance in everything we do.  For example, if I am working too much I can burn myself out (Burnout is real).  Also, working too much may allow your personal life to suffer and that can lead to big problems.  I do plan well in advance in almost anything I do, but also live a day at a time.

My advice is simple!  Drink coffee for the enjoyment, but do not drink it because you need it.  Similarly, do the things you are doing with good intentions and be smart about it.  With everything stacked against us, we need to be very clever to make sure we succeed.  Remember to enjoy each sip of your coffee and remember the work that went into producing you a cup of coffee.  From the bean to the drink!

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