Starting a new job

I have changed roles several times in my career and the transition is not always flawless.  I have gathered a list of challenges and possible solutions to better help you transition into a new role.

The first challenge we are faced with is knowing our co-workers and their roles and responsibilities.  To overcome this challenge, we must setup 1:1s with them to understand their role in the organization and their relationship to your role.  In addition to setting up 1:1s with individuals you are going to potentially work with, you may also want to grab lunch with them.  It is beneficial to build relationships that stretch further than the job itself.  You are more likely to be successful in leveraging your co-workers if they respect you on a personal level.

The second challenge is understanding the fundamentals of your new role.  Even if you were a sales representative previously and you are going into a sales representative position at another company, there may be some crucial differences between the two companies you will need to know.  Before jumping into your role and trying to execute with a lack of understanding of your new role, invest time in educating yourself on the new position.  Understand the processes, acronyms, miscellaneous materials, and so on to set yourself up for success.  Bypassing this vital information can set yourself up for failure.

The third challenge is being patient.  As humans we are naturally impatient and want everything today.  We should not get frustrated with lack of progress when we are working hard to achieve our goals.  We need to realize things do take time.  Typically, we will not gain the respect we want in the beginning because people are not going to trust us 100% on day 1.  Overtime, we can show our co-workers we are deserving of the respect and that they can trust us.  In time, we can build our brand and make a name for ourselves.  If you work hard and honestly, the results should be promising.

To recap, we need to build relationships with our co-workers, build an understanding of the role, and be patient.  These are not the only three challenges in starting a new job, but are three very big challenges worth mentioning.  I do not think we should feel discouraged in taking a new position when the opportunity is promising.  I do feel we should rise to the occasion and better ourselves.  When a new opportunity is provided for us, we need to evaluate it from every angle and determine whether it is a good choice for us.  If we do find a good opportunity waiting, but you are afraid you will not transition in well, try to understand why.  Take each challenge and truly understand if you can overcome it.  Most likely you are capable of overcoming any challenge and if you work hard enough at it, will succeed!

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