100% dark chocolate

I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate any day.  Since I love dark chocolate so much I went out and purchased 100% dark chocolate in bar form.  After getting home, opening the package, and trying it, I quickly found out it was too bitter for my liking.  Typically, I purchase 70% dark chocolate, which I do prefer.  This tells me more is not always better and I can relate this to other things in life too.


Many years ago I thought doing more is always better because it proves you are contributing to the team, society, or whatever it might be.  As the years went by and I gained more experience, I realized doing more is not always better.  A lot of the individuals on the fast track up the ladder are not always doing more.  A lot of these individuals are actually more focused on the higher priority projects that will gain more exposure cross-functionally.  After realizing this, I stopped spreading myself too thin and started putting the majority of my efforts into the projects that really count.

Since I have targeted my focus on the important projects that produce the biggest impacts, I have noticed more movement for myself in my job, in my business, and in my personal life.  As humans are often impatient and have attention deficit disorder tendencies, it is often difficult to remain consistent and true to meeting your goals.  If we can take a step back and understand the important projects that will get us ahead, we can put our efforts into those projects.  We will see more results faster and be able to move onto the next project faster.  To me this makes sense and is working out good for me.

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