Corporate world

I found myself in a discussion this afternoon with someone about my role in the corporate world and my feelings toward the people I work with.  Although I work with a lot of nice people, I do find there to be a lot of bull shit and politics.  Corporate is defined as relating to a corporation, especially a large company or group [reference Google].  In general, it appears bull shit and politics are deeply laced into the corporate world.  There are two reasons I subject myself to this culture.  The first reason is that I need the money and the pay is pretty good.  The second reason is the experience.  As always I have a plan and in my plan, I need to keep my job in the corporate world to continue to pay down debt and build financial stability.  Also, in my plan I am planning on moving into my personal business full time after several years when I am more financially stable.

If I were to continuously grow in the corporate world, then I could stay there reaping the rewards.  If I were not to continuously grow in the corporate world, then I would seek full time employment in my personal business faster.  Growth in the corporate world would be ideal because it gives me the option of staying in the corporate world or moving full time into my own business.  I am constantly assessing risk in my life because I do not like to take unnecessary risks.  A number one priority for me is to pay off my mortgage.  After paying off my mortgage and saving up additional cash, I can be certain I will be financially stable.  After all, for me it is all about building financial stability.  I am a little cheaper than most because I want to guarantee financial stability.  I do not plan on staying in the corporate world my whole life.

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