Strengthen your weakness

I am driven by results and when I am not seeing those results, I take a step back and assess the situation.  First, I will want to understand why I am not meeting my goals. Second, I will try and find a reasonable solution to resolve the issue(s) holding me back from reaching my goals.  As an example of a barrier I see in my personal business during the early years was our ability to sell our products.  The products were great and price point was right, so why did we have trouble getting our sales up?  Our weakness was our ability to sell.  Both my father and I have technical backgrounds and the ability to create good products.  We are not formerly trained in selling, nor do we have a natural ability to sell.  Being a good salesperson was our true weakness and it was clearly evident.

Now that we knew our weakness was selling, we needed to fix it by improving our ability to sell.  I purchased books on selling.  I watched youtube videos on selling.  I sought advice from professional sales people.  I was pushing for a significant improvement in the area of selling.  Of course, this was not our only weakness, but a huge weakness that we could solve for immediately.  I truly believe improving your weaknesses, which are holding you back will help you tremendously.

Finding your weakness

Some weaknesses are harder to find than others and some of these weaknesses are touchy subjects for some.  You may not want to admit you have a particular weakness, which is fine.  You must understand that until you admit your weakness, you will not be able to fix or improve it.  It is always difficult to admit that you are insufficient in an area, especially when it is a sensitive area to you.  You do not need to announce it to the world, but do need to announce it to yourself.  It may also help to have supporters support you in these changes you are embarking on.  Some weaknesses may not be obvious to you and this will require you to ask for feedback from others.  By asking for constructive feedback, you will be able to get a better understanding of what others think of you and where you could improve.

Executing your changes for improvement

Now that you established your weakness or weaknesses, you will want to build a plan to overcome it.  This means you might need to write it down and develop key milestones you want to hit.  Typically, milestones will have timing associated with it. There may be times you do not hit your goals, but it is important you never give up.  Each day you push forward to improve your weakness, you are going to need to stay motivated.  This is where supports may come in handy if you are not someone who is self-motivated.  Drive yourself to achieve your goals in improving yourself.  Small gains over a period of time do add up, so do not be discouraged that you are not seeing huge leaps overnight.

Continuous improvement is crucial in the process of gaining success.  As hard as it is to work on your weaknesses, it is super important.  It is always going to be easier to exercise your strengths because you are so good at them already.  By challenging yourself in improving your not so great characteristics, will allow you to become stronger and better at what you do.  Our focus is to become more well-rounded and successful as we progress through life.  Try selecting a weakness, create a plan, and execute.  I am sure in a time you will feel great for improving yourself!

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