Determining what is important

Imagine joining a new role with a new team you have never worked with before.  The first thing you may want to do is setup a bunch of meet and greets to better understand your new team and the key players you will be working with.  This will help build background on where everyone is coming from, what is important to them, and how you are going to work with them moving forward.  At this point you are starting to dive into importance of your new role.

Another step in the process of understanding your new role is to start working on some projects to get your feet wet.  In the beginning, you are going to have a lot of questions and may feel slightly confused.  You are going to work through the challenges by partnering with your team and eventually become a key player yourself.

The third part, which is super crucial is determining what is important.  You will not know what is important on day one.  You may not even know what is important on day two or three.  As you better understand your role, your team, and your projects, you should start understanding how you can make a great impact on the organization.  At the end of the of the day you will want to ask yourself, what value do you bring to the team?  This is why a company pays you.  It is not just to have you sitting around doing nothing.  They want you to contribute value and generate more money for the organization.  This is no secret!

So, think about your current role if you have not or are not changing roles.  Think about rebuilding relationships and forming new relationships with key players in your organization.  Leverage them as much as you can.  Understand which projects are able to provide most value for the organization.  Projects that are not providing much value can be put on hold or cancelled.  Of course, you will want to gain team alignment on these decisions.  Push forward!

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