Your career has great impact on your life

Here is career advice for the younger generation thinking about the next steps after high school or college.  The next 20-years of your life will be highly dependent on the choices you made early on in life.  It is never too early to start planning out your career and the earlier the better.  There is a progression we need to follow to reach our goals and more often than not, we are not able to skip steps without it impacting us in someway down the road.  Our elementary school performance determines what classes we take in high school.  Our high school performance determines what colleges will accept you.  Your college performance determines what job you will get after college.  There are some standardized tests along the way that you need to pass too, but generally if you do well in your classes you are going to do better on those standardized tests.

For many young adults, it is difficult to realize that your school work is a significant impact on the next 20-years of your life.  I am not saying if you did poorly in high school, that you will have no chance in life.  I am saying better performance in high school will give you a jump start in life.  I personally did not do great in high school.  I came to the realization that school matters when I was in college.  It was more challenging to catch up on the basics and get up to speed after I had been in the habit of not doing well for so long.  I decided in college to build the right habits that would accompany me throughout life.  Someone once told me, “the habits you have in college will follow you throughout your life”.  I find this true.  I became a better student in college, attended the gym normally, and became more involved with my community.  I still do these things today 10-years after I graduated.

We all learn at our own pace and that is completely fine.  Knowing that education is such a big piece of our success in life, we should push harder to do well in school.  Additionally, if you do not plan on using school later on because you are going to join the family business or some other reason, it does not hurt to become more educated.  For example, you can go back to school for business and get a job at another company for a few years.  This does wonders for your career development and will bring you more knowledge that you can take back to your family business.  One day I would want my son to graduate from college, get a job at another company for a few years, and then join my company.  This also helps socialize him in a professional environment and learn expectations from others.

Now to the main point that I was trying to get to, but I did digress.  Your career has a huge impact on your life.  For one the salary you make will determine the quality of life for you and your family for the most part.  A higher salary can provide better food, better education, and a better financial future.  In addition to a higher salary, you will want to manage the money well and not buy stupid stuff you do not need.  Those with lower salaries may not be able to provide their families with the same opportunities as the wealthier individuals.  A lot of salary comes back to how well you did in your earlier life in high school and college.  A better jump start gets you on a better track for more money.  I have lived through low paying jobs and I can definitely see the difference between those days and now.  I would not want to go back.  Think about it earlier on and make sure you are making the decisions that get you ahead.

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