Daily push

I cannot emphasize enough, each day matters and you do not want to waste it.  On the path to success, you are going to want to participate in the daily push because every little bit counts.  Take notice of professional athletes or olympians and how the winners often only win by a hair or a point.  If the winner of these events did not push daily, then he/she could have lost the competition.  The push can be their training sessions and other preparatory steps to prepare for the big event.  The push could also be the actual event itself and how the participant never ‘slacked off’ or ‘took it easy’.

As mentioned before, I deem myself as average to slightly above average.  I would not say I am a super-star in much of what I do, but I put >100% effort into everything I do.  I am proud of the fact that I push daily on everything important to my goals in life.  We must also realize there are key activities we must partake in and other non-key activities we may want to spend minimal time with.  It is up to us to understand what is crucial to our success and what is not.  It did take a few years to understand that not every step in a process is crucial.  Sometimes people add steps that are not necessary and they do them because it comforts them.  This is a topic for another day.

The daily push is super important and we need to make sure we are doing whatever we can to stay engaged in achieving our goals daily.  Continue to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing and what you need to do.  Also, take time to reflect on your successes and the progress you’ve made along the way.  This is rewarding and incentive to continue on, especially when it becomes challenging.  I write daily in a journal to keep myself engaged.  Writing my thoughts also forces me to think things out before I execute.  This is where I can catch a lot of my mistakes.  6 months after writing those journals, I review to make sure I am on target.  As humans, we have a tendency to forget our failed attempts and often repeat the same poor decisions we may have made before.  All of these things we need to keep in mind going forward.

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