Judging others

Although Civil Accomplishment is focused on the topic of success through sharing useful information, gathering information, understanding our goals, and so forth, I also feel it is important to discuss the topic of judging others.  I cannot speak for everyone, but I do feel many of us have judged others before really getting to know them.  It is often easier to push negative feelings towards someone different from you that you do not really know than welcome them and get to know them better.  A lot of these negative feelings are due to fear, which many of us are not willing to admit.

Someone once told me, “flaws are not chosen by us, but given to us, so why hold it against someone”.  For example, if someone is slightly different because of a disability or flaw, then why do you hold it against them or make fun of them.  This can only make it more difficult for that person to achieve their goals because they feel people are opposing them.  Everyone has flaws.  Some are just more visible than others.

The point of this blog is to bring attention to our unconscious efforts to put others down due to personal low self-esteem or fears.  I am not saying everyone does this, but there are many that do.  If you are someone that does this, try and put yourself in someone else’s shoes less fortunate than yourself.  Instead of putting others down, try to support them and give them a reason to succeed.  This can help them through a tough time and provide satisfaction to you.  It can also help you gain an interesting friend with a different perspective on things.  Today I will make sure I emphasis this and really respect the power of different.  Different people really make our world more interesting and a better place to live.

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