Lack of direction and what it means

My last post was titled, Lead by example and today’s post is titled Lack of direction and what it means.  As just a FYI, I do not plan the sequence of my blogs or even put much thought into what my next blog will be.  It just so happens I decided to write about similar subjects on back-to-back days.

Currently, I am in a corporation where there is lack of direction because leadership is dealing with their own problems.  While the members of the C Suite are searching for purpose and new strategy, their direct-reports and their reports, and their reports, and so on are lingering.  It is too easy to sit back and wait for direction, but is that the best approach?  I personally say, NO.  Understand your personal objectives and determine how you can still make contributions.  It does not pay to be lazy.

An approach that makes sense (at least to me) is to create your own direction.  Make sure you are finishing up your work and producing results.  I am hoping leadership at my corporation do present their new strategy and I hope it is a strategy I agree with.  In my personal business, I try my best to constantly build strategy and make sure everyone knows their place.  Lack of direction by leadership is never a good thing.  It typically means, your leaders are not ready to lead or having difficulties finding the right strategies that work for their business.

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