Facing challenges

Just a few weeks ago, I was faced with a few regulatory challenges in my business.  There is no shortage of regulations in the USA when it comes to commercial business.  Due to the abundance of regulation, it can be difficult to operate at reasonable costs.  At the same time, when we look at places like China, I would not want our country becoming over polluted due to lack of regulation.  This blog is not supposed to be focused on regulations, but the feeling of overwhelmingness when we are faced with stiff challenges.

Upon receiving information of specific challenges I would need to overcome if I were to continue purchasing property and building a commercial building, I became very stressed.  It was now brought to my attention that I would need to spend a significant amount of money, which I did not plan on spending to get the property to where it needs to be for a commercial building.  Due to the property being commercial-highway and in the pine lands territory, there are extra steps necessary to make sure we are approved to develop the land.

Instead of putting my tail between my legs and walking away, I decided I would continue to pursue my dreams.  I made a few phone calls and got a few leads.  After making a few calls and receiving more clarity on the situation, I now know my goals are possible.  It will still be more expensive than I first budgeted for, but do still think it is a great investment.  Fortunately, I did negotiate the property for 1/3 its worth and that gives me a little room to play financially when it comes to developing the land.

Facing challenges can be super difficult and stressful.  We want to lay out all the possible risks, but also weigh in on the rewards too.  Work is always required when new challenges present themselves and that is normal.  We cannot be lazy and need to get our hands dirty from time to time.  A more challenging project is typically more rewarding than a less challenging project.  This is because we know how much work was required and we can be proud of ourselves at the end of the day.  If you are facing challenges, no matter what challenges, try and really push yourself to overcome them.  We only get one life and need to make the most of it.

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