Worldly Haircuts in the United States

Recently, I have had my hair cut at some unique barber shops in my area, which could be described as somewhat sketchy.  In telling a co-worker of my colorful experiences in these barber shops, she told me I should start a blog called “Worldly Haircuts in the United States”.  Prior to going to the two interesting barber shops, I went to a commercial chain hair cut shop, which was pretty boring.  The hair cuts were average at best and the hair cutters were not too experienced.  About two months ago, my wife convinced me to live a little and try a new place.  We ended up going to a small barber shop in my town.  Immediately, I felt welcomed by one of the barbers named Micky who was a mix of Italian and Puerto Rican.  He was very loud and passionate about cutting hair.  He ended up doing a phenomenal job, which is why I ended up going back to him.

The second time I went back to Micky, I realized the shop had customers walking into the back room every 15 minutes or so.  There was a guy who stood outside that would escort these people in and out.  I am assuming they were selling illegal substances in the back room.  The third time I went back, I found out Micky no longer worked there and allegedly moved back to California.  I ended up leaving and finding a new place to cut my hair.  Across the street was a Mexican barber shop, which was very busy.  I ended up giving them a shot because it seemed pretty good.

In the Mexican barber shop, I found myself getting my haircut by a drunk lady that was stumbling around.  She was drinking Pina Coladas while cutting my hair.  I was very scared, but with all things considered, she did not do that bad of a job.  My wife ended up fixing my hair when I got home with the help of youtube.  This was also quite the experience and I would not go back to that barber.  My co-worker who said I should start a blog called Worldly Haircuts in the United States recommended me to go to a Vietnamese barber that gives you a haircut and massage for $20 or so.

You could really go around to different hair cutteries or barber shops and experience so much if you really wanted to.  I am not going to continue taking changes because I really do need to look good to succeed in my career.  It is different being in high school or college, where people expect you to sometimes do crazy things.  I need to make sure I am looking professional at all times because you never know when the next big opportunity will come your way.  I do welcome others to take on the Worldly Haircuts in the United States challenge.  Try out some new hair cut shops or barber shops with different ethnicities, people, styles, and so on.  Meet some new people and get to know their cultures.  It has really opened my eyes to some new things.

For now, I will continue writing about success and how we can get there.  I will not be writing anymore about Worldly Haircuts in the United States (or Canada).

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